Creativity without borders and barriers

The project «Creativity without borders and barriers» was initiated by the Association for cooperation with Baltic Sea Countries «Norden» in cooperation with an Estonian Partner NGO «TEEL» and a Finnish Partner «Finnish-Russian Association» in Turku. The project was supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers through the Baltic Sea NGO Program.

The project focuses on social inclusion of children with special needs, encouraging their creativity through culture and arts. It promotes the idea of unlimited access to cultural activities for people with special needs.

In the frameworks of the Project children with special needs from St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Tartu and Turku and other children and professional artists and storytellers were creating art objects and handicraft together, inspired by folklore and epic poems of the three countries.

The exhibition «Behind the Myths» became a tangible result of the project. The exhibition focuses on traditional folk culture heritage of the three regions but the folk tradition is interpreted by means of contemporary art and culture. The project used participatory culture model for its design. It means that the children from

the four cities took part in the creative process - the exhibition was put together based on their ideas. The exhibition was on display in St. Petersburg (the Russian Ethnographic Museum) from 27 October to 14 November 2016, in Tallinn (Niguliste Museum) from 29 November to 11 December, in Turku (Museum Centre) 17-30 January 2017.


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