Creativity without borders and barriers

Friday, January 1, 2016 to Saturday, December 31, 2016
the first partner meeting
The Association for cooperation with Baltic Sea countries Norden (Russian NGO, St. Petersburg) in collaboration with Turku branch of Russian-Finland Society ; The Turku Region Support Organization for Handicapped Children and Children with Special Needs and Estonian NGO “Teel” ( means “on the road” in Estonian)initiated the project "Creativity without borders and barriers"

 The idea is to make a collaborative project between Turku, St. Petersburg and Tallinn involving children with special needs. The project will result in the movable exhibition which will be shown in St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Turku. The exhibition will be focused on traditional folk culture heritage of 3 regions but the folk tradition will be interpreted by the means of contemporary art and culture. The project will be based on participatory culture model. It means that the children from 3 cities will take part in creating process - the exhibition will be built according to their ideas.