International festival of classic music "Nordic Music"

Since 2004 international classic music festival "Nordic music" has been an annual cultural event of Saint-Petersburg that has offered citizens of the Northern Capital and its guests a unique opportunity of getting acquainted with classic music of the Nordic European countries, as well as with prominent musicians of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

The Festival aims at developing cultural cooperation in classic music sphere between St-Petersburg and the countries of the Northern Europe. The partners of the Festival are the Institute of Finland in St-Petersburg, the Institute of the Danish culture in St-Petersburg, Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Culture Fund, general councils of the Nordic countries and other cultural organizations and institutions of Saint-Petersburg.

From 2004 to 2007 the Festival was held during the last 2 weeks of May, since 2008 concerts within the Festival have been organized around the year - approximately a concert per month.