The opening of the new information touristic visit-center in Batetsky municipal area

27 Sep 2013

22 of September In the framework of The Project on cultural-historical connections and museum cooperation «Common history in the past - for the common future» information touristic visit-center was opened near the mound "Shum-Gora". This mound attracts tourists from different cities every year.

Leader of the Department of Culture and Tourism Sergey Bogdanov, Batetskiy municipal district administration on behalf of Olga Kovaleva, co-partners of the Danish Cultural Institute - Alexandra Ornfelt and Lisa Mailand and partners from Veliky Novgorod - archaeologist Sergei Troyanovsky and Soboleva Olga from the Novgorod Museum welcomed the audience.

There are an exhibition with photographs and descriptions of museums, the project partners, such as the Museum of Vejle (Denmark), the Gotland Museum (Sweden), Roskilde museum (Denmark), Birka (Sweden), stand with a description of the Medieval Week on Gotland, the "Slavic Village" in Lyubytino, "Rurikovo Gorodishe" and stand with information about «Shum-Gora" in the information center.

In the future we plan to develop infrastructure of Batetskiy region: create a mini-hotel, open cafes and create new tourist routes that would be of interesting for tourists.

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