The international forum "Civic-media: NGO and mass media cooperation for Civil Society development" announcement 20-21 of November, 2009, St-Petersburg

21 Nov 2009

NGO’s and mass media have the same mission– serving to the society, so they can and should cooperate effectively, contributing to solving of the up-to-date problems together and providing wide possibilities for civic participation to reach the main goal – strong civil society development in our country.

However, stable partner relations have not been build so far between NGO’s and mass media and there is an obvious lack of understanding of common interests and mutual profit from such cooperation, the lack of interaction mechanisms is also apparent. 

The Forum aims at providing the platform for the discussion between the third sector, mass media and government representatives about the perspectives and opportunities of their cooperation. 

The necessity of the organization of the Forum has become obvious during the realization of the Russian-Finnish project "NGO and mass media – media schools" in 2008-2009 that engaged journalists, mass media editors and NGO representatives of the North-West Russia. 

The Forum urgency has been also approved by the number of the competent representatives of the mass media sector, the members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and NGO leaders – many of them have already confirmed their participation. 

The Forum realization is supported by Nordic Council of Ministers, the "Finland-Russia" Society, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, K.Adenauer Foundation.

Participants of the Forum will represent: regions of the North-West of Russia, Finland, Germany and other Baltic Sea region countries. 

At present, all the necessary negotiations are being organized in order to design the program and agree upon list of speakers. 

Please contact Darja Akhutina or Julia Gamzina concerning the Forum organization.