The end of XII BSNGO Forum 2014

10 Jun 2014

Annual NGO Forum «NGO create active innovative civil society» took place under the Finnish presidency in the Council of Baltic Sea States in period 2-3 June 2014 in Finland, Turku. BSNGO Forum became a part of Baltic Week, which includes many important events of region.

Forum included set of work groups: environmental protection, young people, multicultural society, social protection of people with special needs.

Representative of Russian foreign Ministry Sergey Petrovich, representatives from State Russian Parliament, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for regional policy and problems of the North and Far East V. N. Pivnenko, President of Finland Tarja Halonen, representative of European Commission Kolin Volf, General Secretary of Council Of The Baltic Sea States Jan Lundin took part in BSNGO Forum.

NGO Forum 2014 became important and unique platform for better linkages and exchange of experience between public organizations of region and open communication with authorities of 11 states about current issues of regional cooperation.

Participations of forum got opportunity to take part in EU Summit after BSNGO Forum.

In applications available full list of participants and the final statement of the forum.